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Local Organizing Committee (LOC)
General Chair In-Sun Kim (KARI)
General Secretary Daewon Chung (KARI)
Bangyeop Kim (KARI)
Bo Shin Hwang (KARI)
Chin Young Hwang (KARI)
Donggyu Kim (KARI)
Eun Jung Lee (KARI)
Hae-Jin Choi (KARI)
Hong Gap Kim (KARI)
Hwang In-Hee (KARI)
Hwayeong Kim (KARI)
Hye-won Kim (KARI)
In-Sik Jang (KARI)
Je Nam Jang (KARI)
Joon Lee (KARI)
Kyoo Su Lee (KARI)
Myeong Shin Lee (KARI)
Okchul Jung (KARI)
Sang Il Ahn (KARI)
Seong-Bong Choi (KARI)
( * In alphabetical order)
Technical and Program Committee (TPC)
TPC Chair Bangyeop Kim (KARI)
Deputy Chair Andrew Z. Dowen (NASA/JPL)
General Secretary Young H. Lee (NASA/JPL)
Operations Concepts and Flight Execution (OCFE) Lead Chair Michael Schmidt(ESA)
Deputy Chair Sean Burns (EUMETSAT)
Ground Systems, Communications,
and Data Processing (GSCDP)
Lead Chair Byoungsun Lee (ETRI)
Deputy Chair Mariella Spada (ESA)
Deputy Chair Michael Schmidhuber (DLR)
Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) Lead Chair Taesoo No (JBNU)
Deputy Chair Conrad Schiff (NASA)
Deputy Chair Fabio D'Amico(ASI)
Mission Design and Management (MDM) Lead Chair Thierry Levoir (CNES)
Deputy Chair Arthur Amador (NASA)
Planning and Scheduling (PS) Lead Chair Nestor Peccia (ESA)
Deputy Chair Martin Wickler (DLR)
Cross Support, Interoperability and Standards (CSIS) Lead Chair Jean-Marc Soula (CNES)
Deputy Chair Michel Doyon (CSA)
Deputy Chair Dave Berry (NASA)
Human Systems and Operations (HSO) Lead Chair Thomas Muller (DLR)
Deputy Chair Francois Allard (ESA)
Small Satellite and Commercial Space Operations (SSCSO) Lead Chair Zeina Mounzer (Telespazio-Vega)
Deputy Chair Helene Pasquier (CNES)
Launcher, Rockets and Balloon Operations (LRBO) Lead Chair Craig Cruzen (NASA)
Deputy Chair Julio Monreal (ESA)
Deputy Chair Alexander Schmidt (DLR)
Emerging Space Operations in Asia and
Developing Countries (ESO)
Lead Chair Takanori Iwata (JAXA)
Deputy Chair Eduardo Bergamini (INPE)
Deputy Chair Eugene Avenant (SANSA)
( * In alphabetical order)
SpaceOps organization
The SpaceOps Organization was formed to provide an organized community and technical forum for the large number of people involved in space mission operations. The organization is managed through two Committees, an Executive Committee and a Committee-at-Large. The Committee-at-Large membership consists of members from each space agency installation of each country or international consortium and industrial representatives from the participating countries. The Executive Committee membership consists of one member from each agency authorized to represent the entire agency delegation in matters addressed by the Executive Committee. The committees are chaired by the members who represent the most recent and next host countries for the biennial SpaceOps Conference. SpaceOps Partners participate actively in the SpaceOps Organization but are not members of the Executive Committee or Committee-at-Large. Partners can be any academic or industrial organizations interested in participating in SpaceOps activities.
The American institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) serves as the Secretariat for the SpaceOps Organization. AIAA’s mission is to address the professional needs and interests of the past, current and future aerospace workforce and to advance the state of aerospace science, engineering, technology, operations and policy to benefit our global society.