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Hosted by KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) and sponsored by the AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics), SpaceOps 2016 is a technical forum of the space operations community that addresses state-of-the-art operations principles, methods, and tools. SpaceOps 2016 (Theme: “Expanding the Space Community”) provides the opportunity for you to share experience, challenges, and innovation solutions with colleagues from around the globe.
  • The conference theme encapsulates the main focus of worldwide Space Program activities in the coming years, with the emphasis on:
  • Enabling new participants by promoting and implementing low-cost mission development opportunities, thereby allowing more countries and institutions to take part in space development and space operations
  • Inspiring the participation from developing countries, especially for Asian, African and any other nations that are emerging players in space development. This will also facilitate discussions and global partnership opportunities between new and mature space organizations.
  • Making a professional and technical network with leading-edge space operations experts in academia, government, and industry
  • Attracting experts, young professionals, and students’ interest to space and state-of-the-art technologies
Contact to SpaceOps 2016 Secretariat
• Genicom Co., Ltd. (PCO)
• 273 Baeul-1ro Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34036
• Phone: +82-42-472-7464
• Fax: +82-42-472-7459
• E-mail: secretariat@spaceops2016.org