On behalf of the SpaceOps Committee, I would like to invite you to the 14th international Conference on Space Operations (SpaceOps 2016). As the chairman of the local organization committee for SpaceOps 2016, it will be my great pleasure and honor to see you in Deajeon, Korea, May 16~20, 2016.
SpaceOps 2016 provides the opportunity for you to share experience, challenges, and innovation solutions with colleagues from around the globe. The SpaceOps 2016 Committee, composed of experts from the major space organizations in the world, will prepare an ambitious program focused on recent achievements in space operations and outlining trends in the operations of future missions.
The hosting city of SpaceOps 2016, Deajeon has grown into a world-class science and cultural city as a result of both cultural heritage and metropolitan developments. I firmly believe SpaceOps 2016 in Deajeon would be an exciting and memorable experience to all.
I assure you that this event will attract technologists, scientists, managers and experts from space agencies, academia, space-related industry and military organizations.
Thank you very much.

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